speaker Micro Rediscovering marketing segmentation with machine learning
Master Class - Game Design

This class will be in English.

One of most basic yet essential marketing concept is customer segmentation. It relies on the simple idea that different people have different needs and those customers can be grouped into classes.

This idea resonates particularly well with clustering, a major field of machine learning. This ensemble of classification techniques offers the ability to automatically find common traits among numerous dimensions and slice a user database in coherent groups. Those dimensions can be any demographics, behavioral, or monetary variables. Such approach opens many opportunities and help to see a customer user base in a totally different way and it will offer shockingly useful insights for game update management, user acquisition, game design, or monetization to name a few. During this master class I will share some algorithms and methodologies to be used in order to easily and quickly cluster a video game user base. This is a technical class, and it is designed for marketing analyst, business intelligence professional and data scientists. Basic knowledge in python or scripting are needed to fully enjoy the class.

At the end of the class you will:

  • Know which clustering method is available for your needs.
  • Be able to pick the right method and understand how it will impact your results.
  • Be capable of installing and using open source clustering libraries
  • Understand how to interpret results, translate them into business actions and identify which optimization strategies to use.


Benjamin Devienne (Gameloft)