speaker Micro Find Your Niche – How Indies Can Thrive in f2p Mobile
Business and Marketing

Small to mid-size developers should focus on niche game themes and apply them to proven gameplay mechanics. While the big are still getting bigger and taking a larger percentage of the pie, there is still a market at the bottom. There is profitability at $1MM to $5MM in revenue (even less). Developers tend to think about targeting the broadest audience as possible— but this is a flawed strategy because you can’t compete in mobile when your game looks like the competition. Because of the level of sophistication and evolution within ad networks, niche themes allow you to do specific UA targeting. For example, Photo Finish is a horse racing game built on the gameplay mechanics and core loop of popular mobile car racing games. Despite a limited market for horse racing games, we are able to target users who enjoy horse racing and because there is no competition, we were able to get CPI costs down to 30 cents. Because discovery is so difficult, you need to flip the decision making process on what type of game to make on its head. Ask yourself first where the low CPI genres are and fill that void. This presentation will help developers understand the difference between "theme" and "genre" and how the two relate, and offer ideas and examples for indie developers on unexplored niches.


Samir El Agili (Tilting Point)